Drying Oven

کوره خشک کن

Applicable for drying the sealing rubber

After the phase of rubber stamping of up and the bottom of the can, the can is passed inside the drying oven to be dried and for the sealing liquid absorption.

The drying oven, based on the calculated time inside of it, puts the head and the bottom of the cans which are impregnated by the sealing liquid under the certain temperature and causes the absorption and shirval of the plastic material.

This machine is able to adjust the heat temperature and transfer rate.

345 mm Max. length of lid
90 mm Min. length of lid
3 min Production Capacity
680 kg Unit Weight
500 * 95 * 200 Unit Size
2.5 KW Wattage
Electrical Heating System

کوره خشک کن

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