Feeder and Shooter

فیدر همراه با شوت کن
Applicable in making the top and the bottom of the can and the other products in Rod form and Matrices

The task of the feeder is delivering sheets to the press machine. This machine is mounted on the side of the press machine and in some cases it seems that these two are ONE, in semi-automatic and fully automatic models. This machine is produced in different sizes and dimensions (coordinated with the press).
The shooter is the last part of this machine and the task is to transport the scarp sheet out of the press machine.

Security Tips: Both Feeder and Shooter machine prevent the waste, injuries, hazards and accidents.

Increase Efficiency: Usage of feeder machine increases the speed of efficiency even up to three times. (Increase of production capacity and the efficiency)

345 mm Max. sheet width
90 mm Min. sheet width
60-120 Cans / min Production Capacity
120 kg Unit Weight
140 * 65 * 40 Unit Size
0 KW Wattage
Feeder driven by chain from the crankshaft of the press
Automatic upper strip withdrawn by suction pads
Finger – bar stroke and place adjustments by means of eccentric disk and connecting rod
Security stop for double strips
Automatic skeleton ejector at the right side of the press
Easy resetting of machine
300 mm Strip magazine height
70 PCS. / min Production Capacity

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