Circle Curling Machine

کرلر گرد
Applicable for curling the edge and the bottom of cylindrical and round cans

In cans process, the up and the bottom of the cans become entangled and are difficult to separate after being cut and pressed when collecting and preparing for the production line and it impairs the process and order.

The task of this machine is to curl the edge of the up and the bottom of the cans and makes the process easier.

This machine increases the rate of speed in process (in some production lines it is impossible to produce cans without the curling machine). Circle curling machine is produced in various dimensions and sizes and thickness based on the costumer order.

231 mm Max. length of lid
38 mm Min. length of lid
0.4 mm Max. sheet thickness
150 Cans/min Production Capacity
290 kg Unit Weight
100 * 85 * 62 Unit Size
1.1 KW Wattage

کرلر گرد

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