• Management
  • Department of Planning and Development
  • Manufacturing and Production Unit
  • Press Engineering and Designing Unit
  • Quality Control and Store Unit
  • Electricity Unit
  • Commercial Unit
  • HSE Unit
واروژ پیرعلی
This unit has the responsibility of coordination and managing all activities inside the organization and also implementing legislation and constant supervision for managers and personnel and consultants using suitable management practices and organizing these activities considering quality goals of the company based on the specified policies.
This unit also has the responsibility for the contracts, following up the legal issues and contracts review and works done by the other managers.
واحد برنامه ریزی-شاهرخ پدیدار
The department of planning and development, utilizesthe most modern methods of strategic management (MBA) and considering customer satisfaction with engineers and experts in this profession, plans that the costumers become able to receive their products in specific time so that they can enforce their own accurate plans from the time the company obtains their orders until they receive their products.
واحد ساخت و تولید
Manufacturing and Production Unit produces all kinds of Machine parts in the factory, using the most modern mechanical tools and machines, engineers and educated technicians, and examines the quality of the machines using the last methods and the most modern measuring tools so that thedevices (parts) work correctly once installed on a machine.

Manufacturing and Production unit consists of forging chamberand producing the body of the machines using precision measuring tools in this section, piece making chamber with precision cutting and milling machines and advanced CNCs.

واحد طراحی و فنی مهندسی وانا پرس
Designing unit consists of creative and experienced engineers with the ability of designing, prototyping and producing all kinds of industrial machines and templates, using the most powerful software.
The designing unit is able to produce all kinds of foreign machinery, using creative work force inside the company.
واحد کنترل کیفیت و انبار
This unit controls all the inputs and outputs including the ingredients and components produced, using the experienced and educated personnel.
واحد برق
This unit consists of experienced and efficient engineers. Their main activity is to assemble and design electrical switchgear and also error detection and supporting machinery inside the factory.
واحد بازرگانی و اداری مالی
Commercial unit of the company attempts to achieve the strategic goals of the firm and improvement in activities with aims such as share increase in domestic and foreign markets, costumers satisfaction and cost reduction and finally, timely delivery in corporation with other units.