Mechanical Press

پرس ضربه ای
Applicable in making the top and the bottom of the can and the other products in Rod and Matrices form

This machine is the most applicable in industry. It is used to make the top and the bottom of the cans in can manufacturing industry. Depending on the forms mounted on this machine, the top and the bottom of the different cans are made in various dimensions and sizes. Based on the feeder mounted on this machine, it is divided into three kinds, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. The machine can be classified in different sizes and dimensions based on customer orders.

345 mm Max. width of sheet
90 mm Min. width of sheet
60 – 120 Cans / min Production Capacity
4500 kg Unit Weight
180 * 130 * 260 Unit Size
5.5 KW Wattage

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