Rectangular Body Marking

مارک زن یا خط انداز چند ضلعی
Applicable for marking polygon cans

This machine has the ability to mark the bodies of square cans and pentagon cans and (other kinds), and is produced based on the customer orders.

The marks on the body of the can might be logo, text, or other marks in order to increase the resistance of can. The machine is in different models and can be changed based on the form and the models of can.

90-240 mm Length of Can
90-345 mm Height of Can
0.4 mm Max. sheet thickness
8 Cans / min Production Rate
428 kg Unit Weight
80 * 80 * 130 Unit Size
5.5 KW Wattage

مارک زن یا خط انداز چند ضلعی

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