Roll Cutting Machine

قیچی غلطکی
Applicable for converting sheet plates and coils to belt

Cans have different sizes and dimensions and after they are produced, the sheets are made in different sizes and dimensions. In order to cut the sheets in sizes and dimensions required, the roll cutting machine is used.

This device is consist of rounded blades which are adjustable. This device converts the raw sheets into smaller sheets and belts in order to be used for the up and bottom, and the body of the cans. Roll Cutting Machine has a blade grinder that cleans the blades when the machine is slowing down.

The advantage of this device over the guilltine scissors machine is high speed and accuracy.

1000 mm Max. sheet width
45 mm Min. strip width
0.5 mm Max. sheet thickness
50 m / min Production rate per slitter
1020 kg Unit Weight
145 * 160 * 100 Unit Size
2.2 KW Wattage

قیچی غلطکی

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