Seaming Machine

درب بندی

Seaming machine (Fully Automatic / Semi Automatic)

Applicable in order to sediment circle cans and rectangular cans

This machine is to sediment the circle can and the polygon can. The machine has the ability of sedimentation in different cans with different dimensions and sides.
This machine is used by Dairy manufacturers, Pickles manufacturers.
This machine is in different sizes and dimensions.
It is used to connect the welded body to the initial and bottom parts of the can.

for Circular Cans for Rectangular Cans
52-153 mm 90-240 mm Length of can
38-231 mm 90-345 mm Height of can
0.4 mm 0.4 mm Max. sheet thickness
20 Cans/min 8 Cans/min Production Rate
398 kg 675-785 kg Unit Weight
72 * 48 * 190 100 * 100 * 200 Unit Size
1.1 KW 2.2 KW Wattage

درب بندی

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